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The Play by the Rules Interactive Complaint Handling Tool is designed to assist you (a club administrator or official) to make informed decisions regarding issues and scenarios that may arise in your club.

The first tool allows you to Test yourself with real life scenarios which may occur in sport, including: pregnancy and participation, homophobia, team selection, verbally abusive coach, inappropriate relationships and sexual assault.

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The Complaint Handling Tool aims to assist you in making informed decisions when responding to and handling complaints about off field behaviour and decisions that arise in your club or organisation. The information is general in nature and focuses on processes and principles that underpin good practices in complaint handling. It aims to complement, not replace, your sports policies or provide guidance in the absence of policies.

You will be provided with options, tips, information, practical skills and resources relevant to your type of complaint and stage in the complaint handling process. This information will appear in the tabs across the screen. You start off with an assumption that someone has already contacted you with a complaint and you are now seeking some guidance on how to handle that complaint.

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