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Racism in Sport Toolkit

22 October 2012
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Racism in sport Toolkit

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Following are a range of tools and resources to assist you or your club to prevent racism and to take action should it occur:

  • The Got an Issue (racial discrimination or vilification) section provides practical ideas by your role (administrator, coach, official, player and parent) about ‘what to do now’ and ‘what to do next’ to resolve issues in your club.
  • The Play by the Rules Club Toolkit provides basic policies and guidelines your sporting club should have in place, such as member protection.
  • The Quick Reference Guide provides contacts for essential information and services to refer illegal or unlawful behaviour (such as racism).
  • The Play by the Rules Interactive Complaint Handling Tool assists you to make informed decisions regarding issues that arise in your club (including racism).
  • The free Play by the Rules online training teaches you how to prevent discrimination and harassment in your sport.
  • Watch the Race Discrimination in sport YouTube video to see a case study of racism in sport and how it should be handled.
  • Do the Religious inclusion in sport Interactive scenario to learn how to deal with issues that may arise in your club.
  • Download some of the free Play by the Rules posters, flyers and postcards to promote safe, fair and inclusive sport in your clubhouse, stadium or playing field.

National Anti-Racism Campaign and Strategy

In 2011, the Australian Government committed to develop and implement a National Anti-Racism Strategy for Australia. The aim of the National Anti-Racism Strategy is: To promote a clear understanding in the Australian community of what racism is, and how it can be prevented and reduced.

The Strategy will be implemented between July 2012 and June 2015. It will focus on public awareness, education resources and youth engagement and will be underpinned by research, consultation and evaluation.

Click here for more information on the National Anti-Racism Strategy and campaign and for ways to get involved. 

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