Racism can have a profound impact on people‚Äôs involvement in sport.  It can affect motivation, enjoyment and levels of participation and, if unchecked, may result in inappropriate, potentially dangerous and violent behaviour.

Racial harassment, discrimination and vilification have no place in Australian sport.

Information to help you understand the issue

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  • Australia is a culturally diverse nation in which people from more than 200 different countries live, work and study.
  • Sport attracts people from all different races and life-styles and provides an opportunity to build social and cultural bridges based on shared interests.
  • Successful sporting clubs break down racism by focusing on inclusion, team camaraderie and developing individual and team skills.
  • Racial discrimination and unlawful behaviour can result in disciplinary action, suspension, expulsion, and financial costs.
  • A club or association found liable for racism occurring at sporting events may have their reputation seriously damaged, face legal action and financial costs.

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The Law

It is unlawful in all states and territories to discriminate against a person on the basis of their race.  It is also unlawful in some jurisdictions to incite hatred, serious contempt or ridicule (vilification) on racial grounds.

Contact your anti-discrimination agency for further information.