Australians with disability participate in a range of sports. There are many practical ways to include people of all abilities in sport at a level of their choice whilst still maintaining the integrity of the activity.

Information to understand the issue

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  • Sport for people with disability is not ‘one size fits all’. The focus for clubs should be on finding practical ways for people with disability to participate in sport at a level of their choice.
  • Inclusion is about providing a range of options (e.g., options that are only for people with disability and options that are for everyone, but happen to include people with disability with some modifications).
  • It is not reasonable that all people with disability must be included in all activities all of the time. However there are usually ways to include most people (e.g., athlete, coach, instructor, administrator, official, parent or volunteer).
  • People with disability are often the best source of information as they know what they can do and they can tell you about possible modifications to assist with inclusion.
  • It is alright to ask a person with disability questions and give things a go as this is often the best way to learn. 

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The Law

There is federal, state and territory legislation in place that makes discrimination and harassment in relation to a disability unlawful.

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