Sport is an activity that attracts people of all religious beliefs. Yet those beliefs can sometimes pose challenges to established club rules and procedures – challenges that can be met by adopting practical and non-discriminatory strategies.

Information to help you understand the issue

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  • There are more than 55 different religions practiced in Australia – the five largest being Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism.
  • Islam is the country’s fastest growing religion.
  • Given sport’s popularity, it’s to be expected people from different religious groups will want to join clubs and participate in sporting activities.
  • People’s religious practices will vary from individual to individual e.g., attitudes to dress and religious observations, so it’s important not to generalise or stereotype.
  • Each sporting club determines its own culture, which means it has the opportunity to be welcoming and provide support to individuals or groups whose needs may differ from other members of the team.

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The Law

Although it is unlawful in most states/territories to discriminate against a person on the basis of their religion, some laws permit discrimination in sport.  Check the law in your state/territory to see if any exceptions or exemptions apply.