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Playing sport can contribute to a person’s health, fitness and physical and emotional well-being. These factors don’t change because a player is pregnant.

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  • Pregnancy is a normal human condition, not an illness.
  • There are numerous benefits for women who remain active during their pregnancy.
  • Pregnant women should be able to enjoy some level of sport or physical activity throughout the pregnancy unless there are complications.
  • Each woman should discuss her wishes with her doctor. These discussions should cover the type of sport, previous sporting history, level of participation, stage of pregnancy and medical/obstetric concerns.

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The Law

Preventing a woman from playing support because she is pregnant may breach anti-discrimination legislation; however, because clubs also have a Duty of Care to the woman and her unborn child, it is suggested that administrators and coaches warn pregnant players about the possible risks involved in their participation and advise them to seek medical advice.