Team selection can be a very emotional issue. Tension is usually greatest at the beginning of the season when teams are chosen. This is particularly so if missing out on selection means a player has to leave the club to continue playing at the desired level (e.g., in A grade).

The information that follows relates to the selection of young people and adults. If your query concerns children under 12, please visit Team Selection: Junior Sports.

Information to help you understand the issue

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Selection is often contentious because:

  • of perceived bias and/or favouritism towards particular players; and
  • selection criteria processes are unclear or unknown.

Selection is emotional as it can:

  • prevent an athlete from pursuing a pathway to representative (state) level participation
  • be perceived as personal failure.

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The Law

Sporting organisations determine their own selection guidelines, processes and decisions. Disputes are dealt with at the level they occur, (e.g., clubs deal with club selection issues). An appeal can be made to the courts but these situations are rare and concern elite sport selection disputes.

If you feel you have been discriminated against you can contact Australian Human Rights Commission or your state/territory anti-discrimination agency to discuss the issue.