Child protection is about keeping children and young people safe from abuse and protecting them from people who are unsuitable to work with children.

All children have a right to be safe when participating in sport and recreation activities. While there is no national legislation, all states and territories have child protection laws to keep children safe and protect them from abuse.

So what can you club do about protecting children? The Australian Childhood Foundation have developed an approach that is very useful for clubs looking to implement strategies that help safeguard children. Their seven strategies are realistically achieveable for any club or association.  The seven strategies are:

  • a commitment to safeguarding children
  • personal roles and conduct
  • recruiting and screening practices
  • personal induction and training
  • involving children and parents
  • child abuse reports and allegations
  • supporting a child safe culture

Play by the Rules has developed a club presentation template that outlines the seven strategies and gives you a basis to conduct a planning session, an education workshop or a presentation to a committee. You can use the template as you see fit. The template is fully formatted and ready to use. Just go to 'slideshow' and click through the slides. 

You can download the child protection strategies presentation template here

Recent reviews of legislation in most states and territories has resulted in an increased requirement by sport and recreation clubs and associations to have a greater awareness of child abuse, a commitment to child safe practices and the ability to responds to suspicions of harm.

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