An important role for club administrators’ is to reduce the potential for things to go wrong. There are a number of resources to assist clubs to identify risks and develop an action plan to ensure child safe and harassment free environments.

Key strategies to consider when developing your action plan include:

  • providing leadership to develop a welcoming and inclusive club;
  • developing or adopt Member Protection or other welfare policies and codes of behaviour;
  • ensuring the Constitution and membership rules do not result in members being treated unfairly (e.g. different classes of membership being available to men and women);
  • ensuring selection and other club decisions are fair and not based on stereotypes and irrelevant characteristics (e.g. when hiring staff or in team selection);
  • choosing the right people and ensure coaches and other personnel meet child protection requirements;
  • developing or adopt guidelines that support coaches and other personnel to provide safe environments for participation, particularly for children;
  • communicating policies and procedures to all personnel and members – including any screening and mandatory reporting responsibilities, who to complain to and how complaints will be dealt with
  • providing education and training for administrators, coaches and other personnel to support them in their role;
  • taking complaints about discrimination, harassment and abuse seriously and act quickly.

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