As an umpire or official you play a key role in creating a safe, fair and inclusive sporting environment, particularly for children. To assist you tomeet your responsibilities, your sport should:

  • explain your duties and responsibilities;
  • provide you with information about expected codes of behaviour;
  • support you to complete training to improve your skills and knowledge;
  • provide you with guidelines to support you in your role (e.g., blood rules, heat guidelines).

In order to meet its legal/moral obligations your sport may also request that you undergo a Working With Children or other police check.

To manage your risks as an official you should:

  • apply guidelines to ensure athlete safety (e.g., heat or blood rule guidelines);
  • make fair and consistent decisions about the rules of the game;
  • manage and minimise conflict;
  • take action against inappropriate behaviour (e.g., racist comments);
  • try to accommodate an athlete's request for flexibility (e.g., allowing a Muslim woman to wear her hijab);
  • avoid being alone with a child.

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