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  • Supplements FAQ

    1hr 01m 36s

    The Supplements FAQ webinar is part of the Supplements: know what you are doing campaign. An expert panel of Dr Gary Slater (University of the Sunshine Coast), Dr Louise Burke (Australian Institute of Sport) and Lisa Middleton (Sports Dietitians Australia) answers a series of frequently asked questions about the use of supplements at a grass roots level of sport.

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  • Resolving contemporary ethical issues in sport

    1h 04m 34s

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    In this webinar our expert panel of Bronwyn Fagan (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority), John Armstrong (Pedal Power ACT) and Dr Paul Oliver (Oliver and Thompson Consultancy) guide us through a series of sporting ethical dilemmas. We consider these using the Ethical Decision Making Framework as a tool to help us understand and deal with ethical dilemmas appropriately.

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