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Fundamental to every child-safe environment is the recruitment of staff and volunteers who are both competent and do not have previous criminal offences and/or investigations that could pose a risk to children. One way this is done is by screening people who are involved with children in sport (e.g. coaches and team managers).


For more information about how the Working with Children Checks and Police Checks operate in Australia see the Royal Commission Report on Jurisdictional Working with Children Checks and Police Checks – you can see that here.


Screening or Working With Children Checks can involve criminal history checks, signed declarations, referee checks and other appropriate probity checks to assess people's suitability to work with children.


Screening or Working With Children Check requirements vary across Australia. It is important to remember that when travelling to other states or territories, your sporting organisation must comply with the legislative requirements in each jurisdiction you visit.


Contact the relevant agency in your state or territory; or the information listed below to find out more information about police checks and Working With Children Checks in your state or territory.


See below for the relevant state/territory Working With Children Checks fact sheet:

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