Two people from different cultures doing fist pump

Play by the Rules has several short interactive scenarios on inclusion and diversity in sport. These scenarios let you explore your understanding and beliefs about issues as well as provide practical tips about inclusive practices in sport.

Religious Inclusion Scenario

An interactive scenario on how sports would include a person from a different cultural background into sport - click here to access 

Inclusion of People with a Disability Scenario

An interactive scenario on how sports would include a person with a disability - click here to access

Homophobia and Sexuality Discrimination Scenario

An interactive scenario on homophobia in sexuality discrimination in sport - click here to access

Sex Discrimination and Harassment Scenario

A short scenario to help sports understand sex discrimination and harassment issues - click here to access

Girls Play in Boys Teams Scenario

An interactive scenario on the issue of girls playing in boys teams - click here to access 

Case Studies

In this section you will find videos of successful inclusion and diversity case studies within sport.

Cultural Diversity Video Case Studies

The Australian Sports Commission has put together a collection of excellent video case studies that highlight different aspects of programs that are designed to include people from different cultural backgrounds.

Below is an example of one of these videos and underneath you have links to all the video case studies.


You can access those vides here:

Similarly, the ASC has collected video case studies that focus on programs that include people with disability. You can see those here:

Research publications and resources

A comprehensive set of research articles and resources focusing on cultural diversity is available here.