Social media header 

Social media is simply another way to connect to your members and supporters. You can share just about anything on social media and you can share it with anyone, anywhere in the world! Of course, this can be a great vehicle to connect to your audience but every club is different and no one social media marketing strategy will work for all. Here are just a few examples of social media being used to benefit a club or association:

  • Use Twitter to quickly advise members of a last-minute change of venue or cancellation due to rain.
  • Let committee members know via Facebook when and where the next meeting will be. Use the RSVP option to find out who will attend.
  • Use Twitter to report live on matches, especially to fans, members and sponsors who can't be there. This is especially useful when a team or an athlete is touring overseas.
  • Post videos of match highlights on YouTube for everyone to see (with permissions of course).
  • Market club merchandise online via Facebook.
  • Use a photo sharing application like Flickr to post a selection of good quality club photos that journalists and bloggers can access any time of the day or night (again, with permissions).
  • Promote come-and-try days and team trial dates to potential new members with a Facebook ad.
  • Drive people to your website where they will find more information about the club.
  • Create your own video blog or YouTube Channel.
  • Use Facebook to start a discussion about a particular topic or issue at the club. Remember, social media offers two-way communication. Be prepared for positive and negative feedback and use it to improve your club.