Welcome to the Member Protection Information Officer national registration page. Adding your details below will initiate an email which will allow you to be added to the National MPIO Register.

To join the National MPIO Register you must have completed your MPIO Part 1 (national online training course) AND your MPIO Part 2 (local face to face workshop). If you have not completed both MPIO Part 1 and MPIO Part 2 then you must make sure you have done so before registering

Click here to find out more information about the MPIO process.

If you are a new MPIO (and have already completed both MPIO Part 1 and MPIO Part 2) - simply complete the form fields below. You will then receive further information about the registration process to join the National MPIO Register

If you are an existing MPIO - who has repeated their training recently - do not fill out the form below as you are unable to be added to the register twice. Instead - if you require an updated certificate - please email [email protected] or use the contact us form - to email the PBTR team and request an updated certificate.  Please provide your full name, email and the date and place you attended the face to face workshop.  The Register will be checked and an updated MPIO certificate will be emailed to you.