You Can Play is a national initiative addressing homophobia in sport. Play by the Rules launched the You Can Play national campaign in April 2014. The simple message of You Can Play is that homophobia has no place in sport and that if you can play then you can play and that sexual orientation is not an issue in sport. 

The You Can Play campaign is an international campaign that started in the US. The story behind You Can Play is a fascinating one that now has the backing of many of Australia's leading sports organisations and sports stars. 

The launch of You Can Play coincided with the signing of a commitment from five of Australia's major sporting codes to eliminate homophobia in sport - the NRL, ARU, FFA, Cricket Australia and AFL. The Anti-Homphobia and Inclusion Framework For Australian Sports is a template that each of these sports adopted. It can be used as a template for any sports organisation.  

The Play by the Rules YouTube Channel has many videos you can use to promote the You Can Play message, these have been used repeatedly at many local, national and even international events - http://youtube.com/playbytherulessport 

As a result of the increased awareness and impact of homophobia in sport a national Forum was held in November 2014. This unique event was broadcast live across the country and featured leading sports people, administrators, academics and commentators. The Forum was hosted by SBS presenter Anton Enus. If you are interested in understanding the issues of homophobia in sport then please take a look at the Forum videos below. They offer a wealth of rich information and insights around the issues.

You Can Play Forum Part 1:


You Can Play Forum Part 2: 


You Can Play Forum Part 3:


You Can Play Forum Part 4:


So, if you want to promote the message of You Can Play and anti-homophobia in sport what can you do? Use the videos above or on our YouTube Channel by placing them on your website or using them at an event. Refer people to the Homophobia in Sport Toolkit on this site - there's a host of resources there you can use. You can also place the You Can Play Logo on your site and link it back to this page or the Homophobia in Sport Toolkit.