• Let Kids Be Kids - the kids and sports Icons

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    Sporting stars and kids talk about the impact of poor sideline behaviour on participation in sport with the simple message, Let Kids Be Kids

Getting my hands on the footy, and just being with my mates.

I like having fun.

A sunny Saturday morning, and turning up at our local grounds with all my friends, and just playing a match.

I just love playing with my mates.

Being around with my friends, having a good time.

I like being outdoors.

It just makes me happy.

We must have been 10 or 11, and the parents started arguing and fighting amongst each other.

Trying to encourage, but in probably a little bit of a degrading way.

It's pretty embarrassing when someone's shouting at you halfway through the game.

"Watch your passes"

"You're so bad"

"You're not that great"

People yelling out that you're useless, or whatever.

That they come out sometimes rudely, because they're being yelled from the sideline.

It's really quite demeaning to the people who are participating in the game.

Well, sometimes it makes me sad, but sometimes it makes me angry at the same time.

It makes me feel like I'm useless, and I can't do anything. 

I saw a father bashing his own son.

And all the parents were arguing with each other.

The winning's more important to the parents than the kids, who are just out there to have a good time.

Yeah, we just want to have fun and the people on the sidelines sometimes make it a bit hard for you. And if it just keeps chipping away at them, eventually they'll either one, drop out of the sport, or two, just purely not enjoy it for what it's meant to be.

Just stop.


Would you please stop yelling at me on the court?

Because it's making me feel like I can't do it anymore.

Just stop. What are you doing?

You're tearing this kid apart.

Take a step back.

Realize that it's not about you. The win is not yours.

Shush. It's just a game.

Tell them to stop, and just let kids have fun and be free.

Support and encourage your kids.

Things like, "Good job"

"Good pass"

"You're good. Just keep trying and you'll get there"

"Oh, that was a great job"

"You're doing great"

"Try as hard as you can"

Well, when I'm playing, I might want to hear people being enthusiastic, and being cheerful, and not being angry or anything.

Let kids be kids!

It is about the kids, and it is about letting kids be kids.

Just let us have fun. Let us do what we love.

Just let kids be kids.

Let kids be kids.

Let kids be kids.

Let them have fun while playing sport, which is why they're there in the first place.

We're just here to have fun.

Just let kids be kids.