Welcome to the Club Toolkit!

This is where Play by the Rules can help you get up and running with some basic policies and guidelines your club should have.  An important first step is to have a Member Protection Policy.  The Member Protection policy outlines how your club meets its obligations to provide a safe environment and to maintain responsible behaviour and fair decision-making.  Some of the policies below rely on the Member Protection Policy to enforce compliance.

The template policies are a minimum standard, which you can use as a starting point.

Your club may wish to implement something more detailed, in which case we have provided links to other programs that you may like to review, check them out in the resources section.

If you want to use these templates as they are, simply add your club's logo, print them out, get your committee to approve and agree to implement them, then communicate them to all members of your club.



Member Protection Policy



Working With Children Guidelines



Spectator Behaviour Policy


 Communications Policy



Code of Behaviour  



Team Selection Open Grades Policy



Team Selection Juniors Policy  



Disability Inclusion Policy

 Drop off


Drop off and Pick up of Children




Chaperone Policy

Member Protection

Complaints flowchart

 red link


Social Media Policy



Alcohol Policy