Your club is responsible for creating a safe place for your child to have fun, develop skills, learn valuable lessons and build character. You can therefore expect it to:

  • develop an inclusive club culture that values both participation and competition
  • have a Member Protection policy (or similar) that addresses discrimination, harassment and child protection;
  • ensure everyone at the club who is involved with children has undergone a Working with Children or background check;
  • ensure coaches, officials and other volunteers understand their responsibilities
  • implement child safe practices (e.g., guidelines on supervision, collection from training, photographing children);
  • inform you of any concerns about your child and take action if there’s inappropriate behaviour.

As a parent there are a number of things you can do to maximise your child’s enjoyment and minimise potential risks to their well-being including:

  • getting involved in the club;
  • being a good role model (e.g., don’t argue with the umpire);
  • helping your child to recognise personal safety;
  • being aware of the danger signs (e.g., a coach wanting to be alone with a child);
  • speaking out about inappropriate behaviour (e.g., bullying);
  • responding to your child’s concerns.

If you have concerns about your child talk to your club’s administrator, your sports Member Protection Information Officer, or contact your child protection or anti-discrimination agency.

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