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  • Tips for officials

    Officials enforce the standards that govern conduct on the field or court. They clearly have an important role to play in ensuring positive environments in sport, beyond simply enforcing rules and...
  • Tips for coaches

    Coaches act as role models for many people in sport, particularly young people who look to them for guidance and leadership. What coaches say and how they act is critical to creating a positive...
  • Tips for parents

    Research shows that parents are the most significant influence on the participation of young people in sport. They influence young peoples enjoyment, their self esteem and confidence. Here are some...
  • Club Respect

    Club Respect helps grassroots sports clubs build and maintain a deep culture of respect, safety, fairness and equality; ultimately helping to reduce violence and abuse across our wider society from...
  • Australian Gridiron Officials - Gridiron Officiating training overhaul

    What we did In an effort to further embody principles of fairness, respect, and positive player behaviour within a contemporary learning model, we have transformed our officials training from a...
  • Tips for players

    Players have a responsibility to be good sports and behave respectfully at all times when involved in sport, including on social media.
  • Tips for parents

    Junior sport selections are an exciting time, but can cause angst and disappointment for some. Parents can have a big role in keeping selection time positive and enjoyable for kids.
  • Tips for coaches

    Coaches are influential and need to use and understand online communication thoughtfully. Here are some tips how:
  • Social Media Policy

    All sport and recreation clubs should have a social media policy in place. Check with your state/national body or use our social media policy template.
  • Being Complained About

    What happens if you are complained about? Being complained about can be difficult. There are some general guidelines you can follow to ensure that you respond appropriately and, in particular, do not...