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  • 7 ways how yelling at officials is hurting children

    7 ways how yelling at officials is hurting children

    March 2017

    In March the community website from the USA, Switching the Field, published an interesting article that resonated with over 17,000 people on the Play by the Rules Facebook page. Switching the Field describes themselves as “humble members of the greater soccer community doing our part to help the game.”

  • A male feminist view on women's sport

    A male feminist view on women's sport

    March 2017

    Today is International Women’s Day. I thought it important that Play by the Rules runs a feature on the day to highlight the great progress made in recent times in women’s sport. After all, Play by the Rules is all about inclusion and there’s a lot to celebrate. 

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  • Let Kids Be Kids - the kids

    Poor sideline behaviour can have a significant impact on how much kids enjoy sport - it can even determine if our kids continue in sport. When you are a kid you want to have fun, be with your friends and be supported by parents and spectators. Listen to how poor sideline behaviour impacts on these kids!  

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