• NEW: Inclusive Coaching online course

    NEW: Inclusive Coaching online course

    July 2019

    Inclusion and diversity are on trend in Australian sport. There’s been huge advancements across all aspects of sport in recent years. It seems we are beginning to understand the importance and benefits of inclusion and diversity and accepting that sports should reflect the communities they are in.
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  • Crossing the line: Appropriate or inappropriate behviour?

    Crossing the line: Appropriate or inappropriate behviour?

    June 2019

    Sport is often characterised by close relationships between coaches and players, whereby coaches are in positions of trust and able to assert authority and power over players. The proper use of this power is vitally important in all coach and player relationships - the line between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour is often a matter of intent, perception and context.

  • NEW Mini-Course: A Parents' Guide to Clean Sport

    NEW Mini-Course: A Parents' Guide to Clean Sport

    April 2019

    A new mini-course A Parents Guide to Clean Sport is designed to help you enhance your children’s knowledge of how to protect themselves against performance enhancing drugs and drug use.

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  • Cultural Intelligence in Sport

    Tavale Ilalio is the Creative Director of Mahana Culture. He works to support people and organisations to harness the power of Culture and Diversity in their professional lives. Tavale brings a passion for what truly harnessing and celebrating diversity in the sport and community looks like, and the endless possibilities it can bring if done well and with cultural dignity.

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