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  • Want to keep kids in sport - then make it fun!

    Want to keep kids in sport - then make it fun!

    January 2017

    There's a real problem in Australia of kids dropping out of sport. To fix it we should look at why children like to play games in the first place. My son's soccer team seems to have worked it out, writes Paul Kennedy.
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  • Parents on trial

    Parents on trial

    December 2016

    Article by sports nut and dad Mark Slater who recounts his personal experience of taking his son to cricket and being told to, politely, 'butt out' by the coach. Parents behaviour at kids sport is critical to success.. 
  • Keeping our most vulnerable children safe

    Keeping our most vulnerable children safe

    November 2016

    While some children are more vulnerable to abuse based on factors including age, gender, ethnicity, disability and prior abuse or neglect, some may also be more vulnerable because of situational factors...
  • The religious playing field

    The religious playing field

    October 2016

    The relationship between sports and religion may be awkward, but that is no reason for sports administrators to dismiss religion as ‘not their business’. Just as sports adapt their practices for people with disabilities, younger people, older people, and same sex people, sports must also consider religious beliefs in the administration of their programs.

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