• Intersex people: not invisible in sport but inadvertently excluded

    Intersex people: not invisible in sport but inadvertently excluded

    September 2018

    There are many misconceptions and generalisations about intersex people in sport.  Often these are based on assumptions that intersex people are a homogeneous group, and an identity group, a sexual orientation or a gender identity. The reality is different, both more complex and more mundane. 
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  • Out of hours player behaviour

    Out of hours player behaviour

    August 2018

    Sporting clubs and organisations should be conscious of putting safeguards in place so as to curb behaviour that could bring the sport and the club into disrepute in order to protect and preserve the image and reputation of stakeholders.
  • 2018 Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Forum

    2018 Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Forum

    July 2018

    Doors are now open to register for the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Forum to be held the 11th October 2018 in Melbourne. Check out what's happening at this years Forum and register online. 
  • Fair Play Online

    Fair Play Online

    July 2018

    Social media has become a powerful tool for people to engage, connect, communicate, learn and grow. To help achieve this aim for Australian women, the eSafety Office recently launched a pilot program: Women Influencing Tech Spaces (WITS).

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  • Creating child safe and inclusive environments

    Morgan's passion for protecting the vulnerable is second to none. Morgan worked in disability, aged care and children's residential facilities including Stewart House and Royal Far West Children's Hospital on Sydney's northern beaches. He has assisted the Australian Sports Commission in risk management, complaint handling and member protection since 2011 and is considered to be one of the leading practitioners in this field.


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