• Driving social change through sport

    Driving social change through sport

    January 2023

    As a country, we have always been proud that Australia is built on cultural diversity, and it’s now official… the majority of Australians come from a multicultural background. Data from the 2021 Census, released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, shows that the proportion of Australian residents born overseas or who have a parent born overseas has increased to 51.5 per cent.
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  • LGBTQ Inclusion in Sport: Why (and when) intention counts

    LGBTQ Inclusion in Sport: Why (and when) intention counts

    December 2022

    Significant strides have been made over the last decade to develop more inclusive policies and practices in sport, and as a result, sporting cultures continue to evolve towards more sophisticated acceptance and inclusion. Pride in Sport works with sporting organisations and communities to encourage a welcoming and inclusive environment at all levels of sport in Australia.
  • Diving into the conversation: Swimming NSW’s Youth Advisory Panel

    Diving into the conversation: Swimming NSW’s Youth Advisory Panel

    December 2022

    Swimming NSW created a Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) consisting of approximately 15 teenage members in 2016 with the support of grant funding. We wanted to understand why kids drop out of sport, particularly in their mid-teens, and what could we do to keep them swimming. What better way to find the answers than to ask the kids themselves?

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Free courses on child protection, harassment and discrimination, complaint handling, for Member Protection Information Officers and various mini-courses.

Let Kids be Kids

Help address poor sideline behaviour at junior sport ... see the Let Kids be Kids Toolkit...

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Explore your understanding about issues that impact on safe, fair and inclusive sport through our step by step case studies

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  • Let Kids Be Kids - the kids

    Poor sideline behaviour can have a significant impact on how much kids enjoy sport - it can even determine if our kids continue in sport. When you are a kid you want to have fun, be with your friends and be supported by parents and spectators. Listen to how poor sideline behaviour impacts on these kids!  


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