• What is Natural Justice?

    What is Natural Justice?

    September 2019

    Two words that are used extensively and often misused in disciplinary matters, are the words “natural justice”. To further confuse this there are other words used to attempt to make those words easier to understand, such as procedural fairness.
  • How to write an Inclusion Commitment Statement

    How to write an Inclusion Commitment Statement

    August 2019

    An inclusion commitment statement is a public record that expresses the club’s dedication to making sure its membership reflects the diversity of its local community. But how do you go about writing and Inclusion Commitment Statement for your club...
  • NEW: Inclusive Coaching online course

    NEW: Inclusive Coaching online course

    July 2019

    Inclusion and diversity are on trend in Australian sport. There’s been huge advancements across all aspects of sport in recent years. It seems we are beginning to understand the importance and benefits of inclusion and diversity and accepting that sports should reflect the communities they are in.

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