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  • What is mediation?

    What is mediation?

    October 2017

    Mediation is also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution but may be otherwise described as a managed conversation. But what does it entail for your sports club or association? What's the role of the Board? Why and when to mediate?   
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  • The mercy rule in children's sport - help or hindrance?

    The mercy rule in children's sport - help or hindrance?

    September 2017

    Kids don’t begin playing sport with the sole intention of winning. So what does it say when one sport  implements a ‘mercy’ rule in an endeavour to avoid astronomical losses and ‘preserve the fun’, while another sport eliminates the mercy rule saying it sucks the fun out of playing because it promotes the idea that losing is shameful?
  • When tragedy strikes

    When tragedy strikes

    July 2017

    We all experience personal tragedy from time to time: the loss of a parent, the death of someone else close to us, perhaps a house fire or an accident that results in disability. At times like these, those around us – our communities – play an important supportive role. For many of us, our local sporting club IS our community.

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