• Watch the ball

    Watch the ball

    April 2024

    'Watch the ball!': here’s why some sideline remarks are probably less helpful to your kids than you think
  • The new MPIO Training is here to help

    The new MPIO Training is here to help

    March 2024

    Following the establishment of Sport Integrity Australia and an extensive review of the Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) program, MPIO training has been updated to meet the current needs of our sporting community.

  • Play by the Rules eLearning Update

    Play by the Rules eLearning Update

    February 2024

    Positive changes are coming to the Play by the Rules eLearning courses. From Sunday 31 March, the two-year expiry date on courses will be removed, and the PBTR – Child Protection and Safeguarding course will no longer be available on the Sport Integrity Australia eLearning website.

Online Training Courses

Free courses on child protection, harassment and discrimination, complaint handling, for Member Protection Information Officers and various mini-courses.

Let Kids be Kids

Help address poor sideline behaviour at junior sport ... see the Let Kids be Kids Toolkit...

Interactive Scenarios

Explore your understanding about issues that impact on safe, fair and inclusive sport through our step by step case studies

Featured Video
  • Let Kids Be Kids - the kids

    Poor sideline behaviour can have a significant impact on how much kids enjoy sport - it can even determine if our kids continue in sport. When you are a kid you want to have fun, be with your friends and be supported by parents and spectators. Listen to how poor sideline behaviour impacts on these kids!  


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