• Fair Play Online

    Fair Play Online

    July 2018

    Social media has become a powerful tool for people to engage, connect, communicate, learn and grow. To help achieve this aim for Australian women, the eSafety Office recently launched a pilot program: Women Influencing Tech Spaces (WITS).
  • Support girls to 'play up' against boys

    Support girls to 'play up' against boys

    May 2018

    Australian women’s cricket captain Meg Lanning and BMX world champion Caroline Buchanan are among many elite female athletes who had to “mix it up with the boys” in their formative years because there was no girls’ competition in their respective sports.

    Would they still have reached elite levels if clubs had turned them away?

  • Can an apology lead to change?

    Can an apology lead to change?

    April 2018

    In July 2014 New Zealand cricketer Lou Vincent received a life ban from the sport for match fixing. Vincent's public apology gave cricket a fulcrum for the necessary learning and growing conversations around the impacts of corruption. Can an apology lead to change?

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