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  • 7 lessons for sport from the Royal Commission's report into child abuse

    7 lessons for sport from the Royal Commission's report into child abuse

    February 2018

    There are many lessons for sport here, not only in the context of the recommendations, but also in the process and general findings of the Royal Commissions work. In this article we draw out some of these lessons to help you think about and develop practical solutions that suit your organisation.  
  • Awarding what matters in sport

    Awarding what matters in sport

    January 2018

    There’s something truly noble about the ability to produce great effort, and we all know it when we see it. Struggle has a certain truth to it, a kind of integrity that can’t be faked - at least not to oneself and not for very long.
  • Club communication tips

    Club communication tips

    December 2017

    Play by the Rules is all about fair, safe and inclusive sport and recreation. Many clubs have great practises in this area, with good leadership, policies and programs in place. But do you tell your members about it? 

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