What is an MPIO?

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) are an integral part of all levels of Australia sport, especially grassroots sport. MPIOs are there to listen to issues raised by members of any sport before triaging and referring them to the right place to find a resolution. The MPIO is responsible for providing information about a person's rights, responsibilities and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as information support during the process.

MPIOs don’t handle complaints or investigate grievances, and they don’t mediate between members or stakeholders. They’re also separate from the relevant Integrity Manager or the person(s) in authority regarding complaints, disputes and resolutions in your sport. MPIOs are an impartial party who are there to help guide people in the right direction. 

MPIOs can be based within a club, association, a state sporting organisation, a national sporting organisation, or a national sporting organisation for people with disability.

MPIO Training

Part 1 – Online Module

MPIO Training: Part 1 is a free, self-paced online course. It is recommended that you complete this before attending the Part 2 training. Find the training online at https://elearning.sportintegrity.gov.au/

Part 2 – Workshop

MPIO Training: Part 2 is a workshop facilitated by your state or territory department of sport and recreation, peak body for sport, state sporting organisation or national sporting organisation The training is conducted either in person (3 hours) or through an interactive online workshop (2 hours).

Visit the MPIO Part 2 training calendar with dates for your state or territory (costs may vary pending delivery method and are the responsibility of delivery organisation).

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If you have any questions about MPIOs or training, please contact us at [email protected]

If you are an existing MPIO you may also access the MPIO resources here: