Here you can find a wide range of free downloadable resources for you to use in your organisation. These are all digital resources. We do not have hard copy resources to send out. Where necessary, we provide ‘print ready’ digital files and embed code for your use.

Simply click on the resource area that interests you.

  • Videos

    Play by the Rules has many videos you are free to download and use on your websites, in educational material, on social media or elsewhere. We keep specific program videos on issues such as racism, homophobia or on member protection issues. Take a look at our library of videos...

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  • Play by the Rules Podcasts

    The Play by the Rules podcasts feature people from a diverse backgrounds, from all levels of sport - from senior policy level to grass roots sports volunteers. The podcasts are typically around 15 minutes long and usually focus on a particular area of interest. You can listen directly, view the transcript, download the mp3 file to play back at your leisure and use on your own websites.  

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  • Webinars

    Throughout the year Play by the Rules hosts various webinars across a broad range of topics to do with safe, fair and inclusive sport. When we stage a webinar we promote it to our subscribers and web site visitors. All you need is an Internet connection to join one of these live online events. And the best part is – they are free!

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