• About the Issue

    People planning

    Positive attitudes and conduct make sport enjoyable for everyone. Unfortunately, some people can ruin the experience with poor behaviour. Poor conduct and behaviour comes in many forms so its important to understand what constitutes poor conduct and behaviour.

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  • Tips for coaches

    Thumbnail image of sports coach

    Coaches act as role models for many people in sport, particularly young people who look to them for guidance and leadership. What coaches say and how they act is critical to creating a positive sporting environment. 

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  • Tips for officials

    Image of linesman holding flag at soccer

    Officials enforce the standards that govern conduct on the field or court. They clearly have an important role to play in ensuring positive environments in sport, beyond simply enforcing rules and regulations of play. 

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  • Tips for parents

    Image of mother and son holding basketball

    Research shows that parents are the most significant influence on the participation of young people in sport. They influence young peoples enjoyment, their self esteem and confidence. Here are some tips on how parents can promote a positive sporting environment.

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  • Tips for players

    Image of people playing Frisbee

    All players have a responsibility to ensure their conduct is respectful and promotes a positive environment. Players play a major part in setting team and club culture. Fortunately there are many simple things players can do to promote positive sporting environments.

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  • What committees can do


    Fundamental to addressing poor behaviour in sport is club committees being prepared with essential policies, procedures and training. Fortunately, there is help at hand. In this section we look at the essential documents, procedures and training necessary to ensure your organisation tackles poor behaviour.

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