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Junior sport selections are an exciting time. It's the start of the season, event or program - a time to test skills, meet new friends and have fun. But for some kids, it can also be a time of angst, worry and disappointment.

All adults involved in junior sport selections have a role to play in keeping it positive and making sure children's enjoyment is top priority.

Here's how parents can help:

  • Understand the selection process for your child’s team/club – read any relevant selection guideline or policies. Ask questions beforehand if your child is unclear
  • Always be positive and relaxed - your actions and words have an impact on your child
  • Be open minded. Sometimes initial disappointment can turn into positives – for example, missing out on a team with friends, can lead to making new friends
  • If issues arise, avoid discussing them with other parents or in front of children. If you have questions or feedback, raise them in a professional way with the coach, selection panel or club
  • Remember administrators, selectors and/or coaches are almost always volunteers. Treat them with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Always abide by your club code of conduct an keep emotions in check
  • Watch our Let Kids Be Kids videos - hear what kids think about sport, it helps keep it in perspective.
  • Read our Junior sport selection principles, especially relevant for community level junior sport.