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Club Respect is a national harm-prevention initiative by the Dugdale Trust for women and girls, of which the Victorian Women’s Trust is Trustee. While they are based in Victoria, they operate nationally. Their tools and resources are practical and of great use to all clubs and associations who care about developing a positive culture.

They help grassroots sports clubs build and maintain a deep culture of respect.

The philosophy and approach of Club Respect is summed up in this video.


Club Respect helps grassroots sports clubs build and maintain a deep culture of respect, safety, fairness and equality; ultimately helping to reduce violence and abuse across our wider society from the ground up. Get this right at club level and people thrive, feel safe, and are able to enjoy the pleasures and opportunities that sport provides. Whether you’re a coach, committee member, team manager, president, volunteer, parent, supporter or player, Club Respect gives you simple and effective strategies to make a positive impact in and around your sports club.

These are built around three focus areas:

Transforming your club

Transforming a club’s culture is rewarding, well worth the effort. But first we need to understand that nothing magical occurs here. Every part of a club’s operation has to come under the spotlight. From its mission statement, canteen practice, volunteer policy, to its sanctions in place for breaches of Code of Conduct.

Find out more about how to plan for respect and how to invest in your people.

Setting the standard

Yes, everyone loves a winner, but a ‘win at all costs’ mantra comes at a cost. It creates unease and distress, translating into excessive pressure on coaches, unnecessary pressure on players, compromising player wellbeing and a disregard for club values and its mission.

Find out about Club roles and how to ensure success.

Tackling common issues

No matter how well your club’s travelling, issues will surface. That’s normal. Some may be difficult to handle and take time and energy to properly resolve. That’s normal too. But how does your club deal with issues? Are responses reactionary, inconsistent and unplanned? Or does it have clear processes that reflect the club’s mission, values and Code of Conduct? How does your club tackle bad behaviour and discrimination?

Also, one of the really unique features of Club Respect is their Panel of Expertise.

Club Respect’s Panel of Expertise provides sports clubs with easy access to free, qualified and highly skilled advice. A panel of sport club specialists has been assembled for their deep experience and understanding of the issues within sport clubs and will assist Club Respect in responding to your queries.

Panelists specialise in the following aspects of club sport:

  • Ethical challenges 
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Committees
  • Culture
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Gender equity
  • Healthy Masculinities
  • Risk management
  • Insurance
  • Compliance
  • Constitution
  • Duty of care
  • Club Processes
  • People
  • Volunteers
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing
  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Child safe
  • Bad behaviour
  • Discrimination

There’s a simple process for asking questions on any of these issues you can find here. You can read all responses by the panellists here.