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God Sports LogoThe aim of Good Sports is for all Australians to be the healthiest they can be. The Good Sports program is well known in Australia’s sporting community. It has helped over 9,500 sporting clubs across Australia provide a safe and inclusive environment, where everyone can get involved.

Central to Good Sports work is their accreditation program Good Sports Club. There are three levels to becoming a Good Sports Club. Taking part in the Good Sports Club program has a range of benefits that will go a long way to creating a welcoming environment at your club. Here’s an example:




Taking part in the Good Sport Club program has long term benefits, impacting on the culture and environment your club operates in for years ahead.



Good Sports Level 1

Good Sports level 1 accreditation focuses on compliance with the relevant state or territory liquor laws. Taking this first step is important, it guarantees participating clubs are meeting all legal requirements and are taking responsibility for its members and the sale of alcohol.

By completing the Good Sports accreditation, you will not only see the benefits in the club, but also on the pitch, within local business and the community as a whole.

To find out more about level 1 accreditation go to Good Sports or download the factsheet.

Good Sports Level 2

This level is all about taking the learnings from level 1 and using them in the management of alcohol-related activities in the club. Level 2 assists clubs by putting in place a range of practices on responsible alcohol management. Topics covered in this level includes having food available when alcohol is around, providing safe transport options to members and guests, and having a responsible revenue generation strategy in place.

When these learnings are put into place they help clubs develop a healthy culture, inclusive of young people and families, whilst providing a duty of care to members and guests.

To find out more about level 2 accreditation go to Good Sports or download the factsheet.

Good Sports Level 3

Level 3 puts everything into practice from levels 1 and 2 to create a comprehensive alcohol management policy for the club. The policy is developed in level 3 because it is important that clubs change their alcohol management practices before the document is written. This ensures the policy is embedded into management and culture, making the operating procedures sustainable.

By completing level 3, clubs have reached the top of the Good Sports program and will continue to maintain their level 3 status, opening up opportunities for more participants, spectators and sponsors, along with a vastly improved environment for children and families.

To find out more about level 3 accreditation go to Good Sports or download the factsheet.

Additional programs

Good Sports also offers a number of other programs that can be tailored to your needs.

Good Sports Healthy Eating program

We know that sports clubs across the country are leading the charge when it comes to promoting physical fitness. With 60% of Australian adults and 25% of children and adolescents now classed as overweight or obese, it’s more important than ever to get people moving. Good Sports Healthy Eating is a program designed to give your club a head start. Helping people access healthy food isn’t just a huge win for the community and individuals; it can be a huge boost on game day.

To find out more about the Good Sports Healthy Eating program go to Good Sports or download the factsheet.

Good Sports Healthy Minds program

One in five Australians experiences mental ill-health every year. Your club could play a pivotal role in enhancing and supporting the positive mental health of your members, players and their families. With so few Australians seeking professional help for mental ill-health, it’s more important than ever to ensure your players, members and parents feel safe, connected and supported.

Good Sports works with sporting clubs to build stronger and safer support networks that encourage open and inclusive conversations around mental health. Your local Good Sports team will connect your club with local mental health services and tailor the program to the needs of your club.

To find out more about the Good Sports Healthy Minds program go to Good Sports or download the factsheet.

Good Sports Junior program

A good pre-season sets you up for success. When it comes to attitudes towards alcohol it’s equally important to lay the right foundations. Young members of your club are learning the ropes and are influenced by everything they see and hear around the ground. Good Sports Junior helps you set the standard early and supports clubs to make changes that promote healthy behaviours.

Good Sports Junior is available to all Good Sports clubs and expands on the core program to normalise practices that promote health in sporting clubs. This includes creating the right attitudes and influencing behaviours towards:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Healthy eating
  • Spectator behaviour

To find out more about the Good Sports Junior program go to Good Sports or download the factsheet.

Good Sport Illegal Drugs program

Funded by the Australian government and coordinated by Good Sports, the Tackling Illegal Drugs program aims to help Australian sports clubs become better prepared to address drug-related issues. Sporting clubs are a snapshot of the larger community. No matter what age, or sport, chances are, somebody at your club has been touched by the issue. Good Sports believe that even if it isn’t an issue now, it pays to always be prepared.

Good Sports will work with your club to develop and implement an illegal drugs policy.

The policy is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a chance to educate your members and talk about how your club will deal with any future issues. A policy will set clear standards and help clubs react appropriately in case of an incident. By setting measures in place now, you can help prevent drug-related issues in the future in your club.

To find out more about the Good Sports Illegal Drugs program go to Good Sports or download the factsheet.