The Play by the Rules podcasts feature people from a diverse backgrounds, from all levels of sport - from senior policy level to grass roots sports volunteers. The podcasts are typically around 15 minutes long and usually focus on a particular area of interest. You can listen directly, view the transcript, download the mp3 file to play back at your leisure and use on your own websites.  

Play by the Rules Podcasts
  • 25 July 2017

    Kerryn Boland

    There are many ways sport organisations can better protect children and create safer places, including focusing in on what is best for kids. Listen to practical advice in this podcast with Kerryn Boland, former Children’s Guardian in New South Wales. She is a lawyer with extensive experience in senior executive roles in the areas of human rights, child protection, industrial relations and regulatory reform. Kerryn has worked to help many sports organisations understand the  importance of being child-safe. She is also a former member of the Play by the Rules Management Committee. 
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