Sports Governance Board meeting

Good governance is essential to keeping your sport safe, fair and inclusive. Governance is just a fancy word for the way your board or committee goes about its business. 

It may not be the most interesting of subjects but it really is very important to get right, otherwise all kinds of unnecessary problems can occur. Seemingly small problems can escalate quickly if they are not handled well. Poor governance can, in itself, cause problems when issues get out of hand and processes are not followed. 

The following tips are written to help you and your board or committee do the job you were elected to do as well as you possibly can.

  • Tips for getting organised

    People meeting

    Many of the problems caused by poor governance is simply a result of being disorganised and not paying attention to correct and efficient processes. Here are some tips to help ensure your board or committee meetings are set up and run well.

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  • Tips for committees or board members

    Women meeting

    If you’ve put your hand up and been elected to sit on a committee or board then you have some responsibilities and expectations that need to be met. Here are some useful tips to help you get the most out of your role.

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  • Tips for the conduct of the Annual General Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting

    Annual General Meetings are formal affairs where I’s need to be dotted and T’s crossed, and as the name suggests, they are held annually. Pick up some tips on how to conduct an AGM.

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