Image of kids from different cultural backgrounds 

It's important that sport and recreation organisations reflect the diversity of the community they are in. Being inclusive and diverse doesn't just happen! Here, you will get a good understanding of what inclusion and diversity is and some practical ways to ensure your organisation reflects your community.

  • Inclusion and diversity examples

    Diversity in table tennis

    Want to make your club or association more diverse and inclusive? A good way to explore different options is to look at what others have done in this area. Here, we give some successful examples of clubs and associations that have made a difference...

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  • Inclusion and diversity - what can you do?

    Inclusion and diversity - what can you do

    Does your club or association reflect the diversity of it's community? There are many things you can do to ensure that your club does. Here we give you some specific resources and guidance to help make your club or association diverse and inclusive. 

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  • Inclusion and diversity - what is it?

    Diversity in Sport

    Inclusion and diversity are words you hear a lot in sport these days. There can be some confusion about what these terms mean. In this section we attempt to clarify the terms inclusion and diversity and other related terms.

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  • Inclusion and Diversity videos

    Forum Presenters

    See all the video presentations from the annual Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Forum. The Forum features top speakers from across the country in TEDx style presentations addressing contemporary issues that impact on diversity and inclusion in sport,

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