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It's important that sport and recreation organisations reflect the diversity of the communities in which they operate, and have practices in place to help them achieve their inclusion goals. In this section, you will get a good understanding of what inclusion and diversity is, what you can do to achieve best practice through using the 7 Pillars of Inclusion framework, and access some practical resources, tools and videos.

  • Inclusion and diversity - what is it?

    Diversity in Sport

    Inclusion and diversity are words you hear a lot about in sport these days but are still confusing to some. In this section we will clarify their meaning, and look at the barriers and benefits to having an inclusive sport or club.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Alliance (DISA)


    The Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Alliance (DISA) is a National Alliance of Diversity and Inclusion professionals seeking to work collaboratively to promote Diversity and Inclusion in Sport and create a cohesive and welcoming sporting community throughout Australia. 

    The Alliance seeks to operate by taking into account viewpoints across all States and Territories throughout Australia – and where possible to influence the community, policy and decision making both within Australia, and internationally.


    DISA operates on the following values:

    • Co-operation
    • Collaboration
    • Partnership
    • Respect
    • Welcome

    The Alliance

    Alliance members work within their own organisations to promote diversity and inclusion within the sporting community. 

    Collectively the Alliance harnesses its resources – to provide events, information and assets which promote Diversity and Inclusion, educate the community, influence policy makers and widen the community’s understanding of and evidence-informed action on diversity and inclusion issues.

    Attendance and Delegation

    The Alliance nominates secretariat leads at the start of each calendar year to lead the strategy and focus of the Alliance. Administrative responsibilities and decision-making rests with the secretariat.
    Alliance Committee members – provide resources and assistance to meet the needs and aims of the DISA strategy

    Alliance Members may be appointed at any time by the Alliance Committee to help with wider strategic aims and to garner support for the work of DISA

    Alliance Partner Organisations – may also be appointed from time to time where necessary


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  • Inclusion and diversity in action

    Diversity in table tennis

    In this section we explore how several sports have integrated the 7 Pillars of Inclusion model into their inclusion strategies, provide a range of useful interactive scenarios on successful inclusion, case studies on what others have done in this area, and resources and tools to assist you to make a difference.

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  • Inclusion and diversity - what can you do?

    7 Pillars of Inclusion

    There are many things you can do to ensure that your sport or club is advancing diversity and inclusion. With reference to the 7 Pillars of Inclusion framework, we give you some specific ideas and guidance to help you understand and be able to create a strong, inclusive culture.

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  • Inclusion and Diversity videos

    Forum Presenters

    See all the video presentations from the annual Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Forum. The Forum features top speakers from across the country in TEDx style presentations addressing contemporary issues that impact on diversity and inclusion in sport,

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  • Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Alliance (DISA)

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