Download your free infographics addressing issues that impact on safe, fair and inclusive sport. Infographics are a great way to highlight an issue or topic in a simple and visual way. Print them, use them in articles or post to social media - you choose. 
  • 7 Things to get on with

    7 things to get on with infographic

    Will community sport look the same post COVID-19? What are some of the things you can be getting on with to help rebuild community sport? This PDF print ready infographics outlines the 7 things sports can get on with to prepare for post COVID-19. 


  • 7 lessons for sport from the Royal Commission's report into child abuse

    7 lessons for sport infographic

    The Royal Commission into Institutional responses to Child Sexual Abuse produced a report into sport, recreation, arts, culture, community and hobby groups. There were 4 recommendations specifically focused on sport in the report. There were also some common themes across reports. In this infographic we highlight 7 of those common themes that sport can learn from.


  • 7 Pillars of Inclusion

    7 Pillars of Inclusion infographic

    The 7 Pillars of Inclusion is a national framework to assist organisations develop inclusion and diversity policies and strategies. It has been adopted by a number of sporting organisations - from national to local level - including Swimming Australia and Netball Australia. The infographic is part of a suite of resources to help your organisation be more inclusive and diverse. 


  • 7 ways how yelling at officials is hurting children

    7 ways how yelling at officials is hurting children

    The 7 ways how yelling at officials is hurting children infographic is a quick and simple way to get across some important messages to help stop poor sideline behaviour. It includes messages such as 'they learn to make excuses', 'they learn to give up when facing adversity' - and five more.


  • 8 tips to promote a positive club environment

    8 tips to promote a positive club environment

    8 tips to promote a positive club environment gives you easy ways to make your club a place where people want to be. Creating a positive environment should not be hard. Simple actions, such as these, help form culture and set standards and expectations for everyone. Download your copy today and promote in your club.   


  • Displaying images of children in sport

    Displaying images of children infographic

    All clubs and associations in sport want to show positive images of their sport - often these will include children. Here are some simple guidelines about displaying images of children in sport that will help keep children safe. For more information go here.


  • 10 things to teach children about failure

    10 things to teach children about failure

    Failure is a part of sport. How we handle and learn from failure is important, particularly for children. The 10 things to teach children about failure infographic outlines 10 important lessons children can learn from failing. Valuable life-sport lessons! 


  • How to help junior athletes to manage stress

    How to manage stress infographic

    Despite the many benefits of sport and recreation, there are numerous negative consequences which occur as a result of sport during adolescence, particularly for junior athletes faced with stressful situations. In this infographic there are six tips on helping junior athletes in managing stress. 


  • How to build a positive team culture

    How to build a positive team culture infographic

    This infographic provides 15 tips on how to build a positive team culture. A handy reminder for what good teams and clubs often do as a matter of routine. Build these into your team and clubs habits and you'll be setting the foundations of a positive culture for the future. 


  • Spectator Behaviour

    Spectator Behaviour infographic

    This infographic is a graphical summary of Spectator Behaviour Policy template available here. These are the practical steps that clubs, associations and individuals can take to help stop poor sideline behaviour. A simple way to display some practical advice.


  • Let Kids be Kids

    Let Kids be Kids infographic

    The Let Kids be Kids infographic is one of the toolkit of resources available from the Let Kids be Kids campaign addressing poor sideline behaviour in junior sport. A very popular infographic that highlights issues that impact on all sports. Contains important links to further Let Kids be Kids resources that are free to download.


  • 9 reasons why kids quit sport

    9 reasons why kids quit sport

    Kids quit sport for lots of reasons. If you are concerned about kids dropping out of sport then this infographic is a good reminder of the reasons behind kids quit sport. This infographic could easily be used as a discussion starter at your club to help stimulate thinking around why kids are dropping out. 


  • Coach Code of Behaviour

    Coach Code of Behaviour

    The Coach Code of Behaviour infographic is a summary of the template Coach Code of Behaviour available on Play by the Rules. It's a handy reminder on the expectations and codes for coaches. The template can be adapted to suit your clubs needs. 


  • The effects of bullying on children

    The effects of bullying on children

    The Effects of Bullying on Children infographic depicts 10 impacts that bullying can have on children. Bullying is something that can happen in any sport, at any time and to anyone. It always has a negative impact and is not something that should be part of sport. Use the infographic to send an important message to your members and colleagues.


  • Interacting with children guidelines

    Interacting with Children Guidelines

    The Interacting with Children Guidelines infographic is a short summary of the Play by the Rules policy template Interacting with Children Guidelines. The template can be modified for your organisation. Use the infographic to remind people of some basic steps you can take to help keep children safe.