August 2023

Man reading Article Play by the Rules

The latest issue of the Play by the Rules Magazine is out now! This special issue covers the
basics of the National Integrity Framework (NIF) and unpacks it for you, so you can read up
on how it applies in your community club and what it can do to protect Australian sport.

In this issue we chat with a Complaints Officer from Sport Integrity Australia about how the
process works, and Liam Bourke, the National Integrity Manager for Rowing Australia,
Paddle Australia and Australian Dragon Boat Federation, about what it’s like working in his
new role.

The magazine also gets into the Start to Talk campaign, and Sport Integrity Australia’s Child
Safe Practices: Do’s and Don’ts booklet, which makes child safeguarding easy to

Whether you’re a Sport Administrator, player, volunteer, or committee member, make
yourself a cuppa, get comfy, and read up on one of the biggest shake-ups in sport integrity
modern sport, and come away being a better-informed person in sport.

Read Issue 42 of the Play by the Rules Magazine here:

Download the accessible PDF here: Play by the Rules Magazine Issue 42

Or the .DOCX version here: Play by the Rules Magazine Issue 42 Word Version

This article was authored by the Play by the Rules team and published on 17 August 2023.