Cairns Hockey Association

What we did

This was a joint initiative between Cairns Hockey, Aspire to be Deadly and the Gulf Savannah Schools Program. We partnered up to deliver a 4-6 week hockey participation program in the remote community of Karumba. All the programs were modified to suit individual needs and we built in a young person leadership program and a mentor support program and a role model and ambassador program. It was an opportunity for the 180 participants to learn new skills or advance existing skills.

Why we did it

This program addressed closing the gap and reconciliation outcomes for the local disadvantaged community. We wanted to ensure that all the relevant stakeholders were engaged and that the program became part of the community calendar – plans are designed to:

  • increase participation
  • build capacity
  • support education and attendance outcomes
  • support understanding of meeting commitment and delivering high standards of behaviour and discipline
  • and to support economic benefits to these remote regions.

Sport is the vehicle that drives these positive social and community benefits – Cairns Hockey Aspire Program and its partners confirmed it could be done.

Gulf Savannah Participation Pathways Program

How we know it worked

Participation in the program was strong. Workshops designed to deliver positive:

  • school attendance support
  • skill development
  • self-worth, discipline and behaviour
  • health and well being – good choices

To be eligible for sporting carnival, students needed to meet workshop targets.


Workshops and clinics  Participation numbers  Karumba Hockey Competition 
 Karumba  3 20 19 
 Normanton (2 schools)   5 70  65 
 Croydon  3 20  17 
 Georgetown  3 20  18 
 Mount Surprise  2 20  20 
 Kowanyama - new in 2017   2 15  10 
 Cairns West - new in 2017  8 22  12 


   18 185  176