What we did

We are currently a Level 2 FFA Accredited Club and soon to be Level 3 and potentially the first Club in Australia to achieve this. Being able to promote our Club’s ‘culture’ and encouragement of Female Football via social media channels and on our website has proven to be beneficial in building your reputation as a passionate supporter and promoter of Female Football.

We ran a girls-only Summer 6s competition for girls aged between 6 and 9 in 2016, along with a women-only ‘Kicks and Giggles’ option for mums. This allowed girls to try the sport in a supported manner without giving up other winter sports, such as netball, to take on football in the season-proper and potentially find that they don’t enjoy playing in mixed teams.

We have used much of the materials from the Department of Health’s ‘Girls Make Your Move’ campaign to help in attracting new players.

The summer competition was so successful, that in the full 2017 season, we were able to enter our first girls-only under-8 and under-11 teams in a girls-only competition in Newcastle.

For the girls who did enjoy playing in mixed teams, we allowed them to play both in the mixed teams, and girls-only teams pending the draw.

As we head into our second year of Summer 6s, we have enough interest to offer girls-only games for girls aged between 5 and 12. Our women’s competition has also expanded and includes teenage girls.

As a club of only 200 players, this has been a significant outcome.

Lochinvar Rovers

Why we did it

We had identified that although girls between the ages of six and seven were joining up to play football, they were dropping out of the sport as they got older.

Although we had previously had a girls-only team that played in a mixed competition, it was unsuccessful and many of the girls did not return to football.

After seeking advice from Hunter Valley Football, Northern NSW Football and Play by the Rules, we believed that girls were being deterred from continuing with the sport because there was no girls-only option.

How we know it worked

Our overall female registrations have increased by 400% in under two years.

We have gone from having only two girls in the under-11 age group playing in a mixed team, to fielding a full girls-only under-11 side plus a mixed side with some girls remaining. 2017 saw our first 2 girls teams playing in girls only games and 2018 we already have 4 girls teams and a ladies team consisting of mums.

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