• Administrators role in supporting an MPIO

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I'm the secretary of the local Netball Association and my role is to liaise between often clubs and the MPIO and to make sure that everyone is aware of the information flow for that process that the clubs are aware what an MPIO does and what they're how they can help their club. And the MPIOs are kept up to date and trained so they are able to help the clubs as well then if needed after a disciplinary dispute if there's an appeal then I can step in in the middle as mediatory person. So therefore it's important that I also know my role as part of that process in terms that I don't have to settle the dispute but often can act as that liaison person.

At the start of each season we hold a what we call a secretary registrar meeting with different members of executives say what their role is and who or who the liaison person is when these clubs have issues. And part of that is the most very important part is to have our MPIO address the meeting and let them know what what actually is an MPIO. A lot of people go 'what is that. I have no idea what that is' so that you don't do that. We'll explain what their role is. Some of the limitations that they do have what they can do. Obviously they can't resolve everything. We did try and explain to the clubs that they should try and that each club should have their own MPIO as well so time to resolve disputes if they can't resolve within the club then it comes to the district level the association level.

So I think it's important that we have this meeting that we let them know what their rights are what we can do for them and also what they can do for their club members and then generally about midway through the season when we've had a lot of disputes come in and there's been some issues resolved. The one about regular council meetings will explain again. Explain again what her role is what she can and can't do and the process in terms of club members can't come directly to us it should go through their club first. As a secretary if I get disputes I send them straight to the MPIO because I need to remain impartial and I may finally be called in to act as a bit of a mediator.