• What are the common issues raised in MPIO training? Is it difficult getting involved in complaint handling? How important is the role?

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What are the common issues you find in MPIO training?

Probably most common misconception about the role of the MPIO is that they are in some way the advocate of the person who's making the complaint rather than the person who supplies them with information and assistance and perhaps some advice about how they might find resolution. But it's not the person the person who goes in to bat for the for the person that seems to be most common misconception. It's also a danger that you can even if you're going not with that role that you can become so convinced that you should take up that role which is not really the role of the MPIO.

Is it difficult to avoid getting involved in complaint handling at a small club?

Well in the first instance most people in that situation found that they might have a conflict of interest because they know that people and sport and recreation services have a group of people that can go to who can be an MPIO for someone outside a sport or either a mediator or investigator who can take on that role. They're trying to solve the solvable problem or find a resolution or a solution rather than people trying to grapple with something that they may even be very closely involved with or know people come to know people. So if that's not available it's just a matter of finding somebody on the executive who feels that they can get enough distance from the issue and the people involved to to be able to give an unbiased solution.

How important is the role of an MPIO at a club?

Important I think. I think MPIOs provide a really valuable service to people involved in sport because in one it gives them someone that they know that will listen to them will listen to them and will provide. But it also means that is a step that gives them a step where they can discuss issues or air issues without necessarily going into a formal process. Get the sport has a complaints officer got a complaints officer in the formal structure some people might not want to do that as a first step. So I think MPIO gives that that first step and it means that something that may end up in other ways being part of a formal process can perhaps be resolved informally which is obviously the best way to do it because it just means that it hasn't become a major issue where it where it may not have needed to.