• How can an MPIO avoid a conflict of interest?

    2m 12s

Conflict of interest. We're trying to avoid it is always hard when you're dealing with small sport or smaller clubs. It is unavoidable. Well I try and recommend for the MPIOs not to be the coaches or the presidents or on the committees because notoriously they're always the ones being complained about. If possible it's even better for the MPIO not to be on the committee because that way then they can remain quite separate from the complaint and that way if the complaint does escalate up to the committee then they don't get involved in it.

However if the instance where that MPIO might be on the committee in the interest of everybody they are best to actually remove themselves from any decision making so that they should be excused. Once the information is presented they should then be excused from that session that segment in the meeting leaves the room and have noted down that they've left the room so they're not privy to that conversation so that they not perhaps persuade, persuading maybe not the right word, but having an influence on that on the outcome because they they may have known what both parties are.

The other option which is always quite handy is if the other clubs or the sport happens to know other MPIOs they might be able to recommend an MPIO that in another club that's close by. So it's completely removing from that conflict of interest because they're going to have not being within the club they're going to have objectivity into being able to pass on some information. And that also helps being a smaller club.

That person doesn't feel like if they tell the wrong thing of the person doesn't get the answer that they want then a lot of the times those friendships are very difficult. Whereas if an MPIO can be accessed alternatively outside of that club I think that's sort of really does take that pressure off for that club.