• How can clubs support their MPIOs?

    1m 50s

I think it's paramount to it is is training not only for and providing support to the MPIO so that they can do their job properly and knowing where their boundaries are, what information they can give, what information they can't give and where they can go for help but also the members of the club knowing exactly what the role of the MPIO is. Often members think that the MPIO is actually going to resolve a problem when really the MPIO is there just to listen to their grievance and then give them suggestions of how they might be able to resolve that issue will concern that they have. I think that's the biggest issue. Members don't understand the actual role of the MPIO making it also very clear and nothing having documentation or paperwork or manuals or processes guidelines books, whatever, available on the website so that the members can actually access it read it for themselves and that it's very clear step by step process so that the MPIO understands what they need to do. The member who has the complaint understands that this is a step one is this step two is this and then if that doesn't get resolved then step three might be if it escalates up to the committee or the board or whatever the case is. And also to the board understanding where their role is as well in do they get involved in resolving the issue or is it something that they might then put out externally.