• How do you handle the emotional complainant?

    1m 14s

Handling the emotional complainant the important thing is for yourself to stay calm and listen. Listening and allowing them to talk freely without interruption is probably the most important thing. Be sympathetic and understanding but without agreeing with them. Sometimes they do seek your agreement to have their feeling or or their thoughts on the complaint so you can be sympathetic and understanding without agreeing with them on the matter. Allowing them to talk freely. Being emotional just be sympathetic reassuring to them. And I also like to talk to them about do they have a support person that they can talk to locally whether it be the MPIO or their club or their association or even a close family member or somebody else at the club they might know so that I'm not just leaving them you know once we hang up the telephone on their own. We'll talk about other people that they can also talk to about the matter and maybe seek some information from as well.