• Is it important for MPIOs to get support in their role?

    1m 14s

Absolutely Member Protection Information Officers are often dealing with very sensitive issues, often very emotional people, sometimes angry, sometimes upset and hurt they feel like everybody's against them or they haven't had enough support so they can call it they can be crying or just very angry with the sport, not you personally but as a member protection officer you need to be mindful of your own well-being because sometimes those calls can affect you. So you need to make sure that you have your own support base behind you and supportive people that you can go to and talk to. So it's also ideal to network and get to know other MPIOs and be able to talk to them and discuss with them some of the issues that you're dealing with or how you might be feeling and then you can share with them how you might be able to fix those those issues for yourself as well. Even counseling you know if you're dealing with a very upset person sometimes an MPIO could could go and seek some counselling for themselves depending on how it might affect them.