• Craig Foster and Play for Lives

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    Spearheaded by former Socceroo Craig Foster, #PlayForLives is a rapidly growing campaign to get our professional athletes off the bench and into the thousands of essential volunteer positions left vacant in the wake of the coronavirus.

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Hi, Peter. Everyone at Play by the Rules. And of course, all of your constituents in community sport all around the country. You know that I'm a big supporter of what you do. I think it's fabulous. And thank you for your support of what we're doing at the moment to ask sport all around the country to step up and help out vulnerable communities and charities, particularly at local community level, and for sport to put ourselves at the service of the Australian community right now.

I think it's really important as part of our social responsibility. And it's also incredibly powerful for sport to step forward and demonstrate to Australia that we're capable of winning and impassioned about helping all of these communities who ultimately, you know, underpin all of our clubs in our sport. You know, we are part of the very social fabric of this country and we have to step forward and help now. You'll see that I'm wearing my Waverley Old Boys shirt, I play over thirty fives here in eastern suburbs of Sydney. And we decided that, look, we were going to give six or seven hours in training and competition this week, just for social amateur sport, community level. And we want to repurpose that to provide that to charities in our local area to be able to assist vulnerable and people in need right now.

So that's been really powerful. We've got around 60 volunteers from our club alone. We've extrapolated that out into the inner West Council area as a pilot at the start. And now we're seeing this spring up all around the country in Queensland, W.A., in Victoria and elsewhere. It's been really powerful. Some of the major sporting bodies are on board and are sending this out, including AFL and others to all of their community clubs around the country.

But through you, through your constituents, we're also asking people to go to PlayforLives.org to register your sporting club or you as a participant to find local charities or there are opportunities already on board there that you can reach out your hand online or off. Whether it's through physical volunteering or through digital support for charities and people in need, please do so now. The site will also measure the impact and say you'll be given a report as to how you stepped up and helped Australia at this time. And that measurement of social impact for sport will also be really important going forward.

So thank you all for your support. I love what you do. Get on board everyone. And let's be able to say that the sporting community of Australia, during one of the most difficult challenges this country and the world has ever faced, was capable and willing of stepping forward and demonstrating the importance of community sport clubs in every local community and local council area right around the country in creating, enhancing the social connections that we believe in and which are naturally inherent part of our sporting organisations and also in furthering and strengthening community resilience. It's our job to step up and help Australia through, along with so many other social sectors. Let's make sure that we accept that responsibility. And thanks for your support.