• What are some of the regular issues you see through the Association

    2m 16s

Probably the most regular would be in terms of selection of players not just at representative level where we do the girls try out for the association and they don't get selected and then the parents quite often bring the dispute that say that we didn't have a fair process in our selection. That wasn't clearly outline what our selection policy was for the association when these things have come up over the past we've relooked at our selection policy and tried to make sure that we do have it as tight as you possibly can. And in terms of not just the parents saying about the selection but protecting the coaches as well because the coaches are often the ones that get abused. Back in the clubs for clubs when they start at the beginning of the season. My daughter should have been in Team 1 and she's been in Team 2. We try and to say to the club this is where the clubs really need to know what they're what they have to do to resolve their issues and they have to have their MPIO should be trained. Just trying to say them again they need to have some sort of selection policy that does state well we will try and place your child in the team best suited to her ability and they do need to make that clear to the members when they start their child's at the start of the season. So they're the sort of issues when they then get to us as in association.

It then becomes a matter of liaison with the clubs trying to make sure they have followed all the steps that they should have and if they haven't then it makes it a bit harder for us to resolve the issue. Where possible we try and make sure it doesn't go through the state level. If it does go through the state association they quite rightly bring it back to my attention and we'll say you know this is what's happened. Can you solve it. So there those selection issues can be the most tricky it's wanted. Unfortunately some parents don't then see how this thing really has a detrimental effect on their child as well sort of kind of undermines the confidence that they will maintain too. That means I'm not good enough whereas sometimes some clubs take one and two are just as good as each other so that they are the type of issues that we have on a fairly regular basis.