• Why are you interested in being an MPIO? Why is it necessary? What are the challenges?

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Why are you interested in being an MPIO?

I've developed an association with my sporting club and football club and I thought it was a particular role which my skills were well suited for. And I thought I could make a contribution. I also thought that perhaps there was some lack of this current role within the club. There is one officer there doing that role but it's quite a large club. So I thought it certainly could benefit from having more. So I thought at the same time valuable contribution plus filling in an important role.

Why is the role necessary at your club?

I've had time to think about this as I've done the course and got more information and I think it says a number of benefits that are given to the club by having this role. One of which is it gives a lot of confidence I think with junior players to their parents that the club is well managed and there is good resolution process within the club and for older players, the members themselves have that confidence around the club. I think it just it gives you a real reassurance that you're with a well structured managed club. If you have people in these sorts of roles.

What are the challenges in the future?

A challenge will always be that issues are often very emotional as I mentioned before. You can't always get a clean cut resolution to every problem. It's about getting the best resolution that you can in the circumstances. And there will always be challenging to as a person providing the information to those people who need that advice that upfront that they need to you need to manage their expectations and that will always be a challenge to think for the person undertaking the role. Into the future to see the evolving nature of sport. I think parents particularly the junior players have developed much higher expectations, about what their players might achieve and they're playing a particular sport. And so perhaps they're getting more likely to complain about things that they might not in the past they don't see it as a pastime. They see it as a potential a future career in some circumstances. And so they can a degree of aggression involved in complaints that are made. And I think that might evolve over time as sport becomes a bigger industry.