Kid with disability rowing


The Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013 applies to anyone involved in child-related work or volunteering in Tasmania.

Information on registration requirements and organisations obligations is available from the Department of Justice Registration to Work with Vulnerable People website.

In Tasmania, members of certain professions are legally obliged to report child abuse or neglect to the Child Safety Service under the Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1997. Information on reporting concerns for the safety or welfare of a child, and mandatory reporting requirements is available from Department of Communities Tasmania Child Safety Service

There is a lot more to keeping children safe in sport than just complying with the legal requirements. Developing practices to create a child safe culture in your sport, not only minimises the risk of child abuse, but also creates supportive physical and emotional boundaries in which children can participate.

More information on creating child safe sport and recreation organisations in Tasmania is available from Department of Communities Tasmania Child Safety and Sport.


Please note that this information remains guidance only. You should check with the relevant State/Territory organisations local to you to ensure you are accessing up to date information. 

It remains the responsibility of each individual club/sporting organisation to ensure that their club policies and procedures are contemporary, up to date and meet your compliance and legal requirements.  PBTR takes no responsibility for any content that is out of date or inaccurate due to the passage of time.


Updated:October 2021 in conjunction with Sport and Recreation Communities Tasmania