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Child safe organisations embed child safety into leadership and culture, actively involve children and families and have many measures in place to safeguard children.

Child safe sport and creating a child safe organisation is everyone's responsibility; On this page you will learn more about what it means to be child safe.

Sport Australia - Child Safe Sport

Click here to access information from Sport Australia:

Child Safe Sport | Sport Australia

Sport Integrity Australia - Child Safe Sport

Click here to access information from Sport Integrity Australia:

Safeguarding | Sport Integrity Australia

Please also see section below relating to the National Integrity Framework.

State/Territory Specific Information

It's also important for clubs to check:

  • State/Territory specific child safe standards that may be required in your state or territory. Check the National Child Safe Principles developed by the Australian Human Rights Commission and any child safe standards and principles in your State/Territory.

    PBTR provides a summary of your local state or territory information here. Please note these pages are guidance only – you should always check the websites of the regulators in your State/Territory to ensure the information you are accessing is accurate and up to date.

  • Working with children check (or equivalent) requirements for your state or territory.
  • NSO/SSO Child safe guidelines and policies that your national/state/peak body may have in place for you to follow. These must comply with the relevant state/territory laws.

AHRC – Resources and Tools

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is responsible for the National Principles. Click here to learn about the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations About | Child Safe Organisations (

The AHRC also provides good resources for Organisations and Parents and Carers here:

Please click on the buttons below to take you to the AHRC Resources and Tools

Links & Resources

Practical Tools

NOCS - Resources and Tools

The National Office for Child Safety (NOCS) has also produced resources for Adults, Young People and Organisations here 


Resources | National Office for Child Safety

Speak up and make a complaint | National Office for Child Safety

Learning from the Royal Commission

Australia held a Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse from 2013-2017, which included sport and recreation organisations.

The Commission identified 10 elements of a child safe organisation which led to the work completed by the AHRC and NOCs.  Please click on the link to the Royal Commission website to learn more.

Sport Integrity Australia – National Integrity Framework

Anyone can provide information to Sport Integrity Australia about integrity issues in sport.

To make an integrity complaint or report, use the form on the Sport Integrity Australia website: 

Make a Complaint

However, what Sport Integrity Australia can do with the information depends on whether the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) or National Sporting Organisation for People with Disability (NSOD) that represents the sport has implemented the National Integrity Framework (NIF).

From the date the NSO or NSOD commences operating under the NIF, Sport Integrity Australia is appointed to run an independent complaint handling process for that sport. This means any complaints submitted about that sport will be reviewed by integrity experts and managed independently.

Check if your sport has adopted the NIF by viewing the list of National Integrity Framework Sporting Organisations on the Sport Integrity Australia website.

For sports where the NSO or NSOD have implemented the National Integrity Framework:

If you want to report prohibited conduct, you can submit either a Formal Complaint or a Report.

Formal complaints must include your personal details; you cannot submit a formal complaint anonymously. This is because your name may need to be disclosed to the person who is alleged to have breached the NIF policy to ensure that they can fully understand and respond to the allegation.

If you do not wish to make a formal complaint or do not want to include your name and contact details, but want to tell Sport Integrity Australia something, you can submit a Report.

For sports where the NSO or NSOD have not implemented the NIF, or where alleged Prohibited Conduct occurred before the commencement date of the NIF:

Complaints should be submitted to the relevant sporting organisation to manage through their complaint handling practices.

You can still provide information to Sport Integrity Australia by submitting a Report, however they are not authorised to pursue this matter through a complaint handling process. De-identified information provided in your report may be used to understand the nature of issues in Australian sport and to support the development of programs to prevent and better respond to integrity threats in sport.