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Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Alliance (DISA) 2022



DISA 2022 Virtual Forum
Wednesday, 14th September 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am AEST

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The media play a pivotal role in shaping how we see and understand sport, whose stories are told and what achievements are highlighted. Decades of research has demonstrated that the achievements of women, people with a disability and people of colour are routinely ignored or trivialised within mainstream media reporting. The lack of representation of diverse perspectives and experiences has begun to be challenged, largely through the advocacy of journalists who have sought to highlight and challenge inequities alongside raising the profile of diverse athletes and teams.

We’ve also seen the rise of athletes and organisations utilising social media to circumnavigate the exclusion they experience from mainstream media. As a tool for progressing diversity and inclusion agendas, the sports media offers a powerful resource for change.

This forum will consider how we can better influence and use the media to progress diversity and inclusion in sport.

In this forum, we will discuss the results of this year’s Diversity, Inclusion, and the Sports Media Survey as well as:


  • Awareness raising of inequities in sports media representation and the damaging impact this has on diversity and inclusion in sport.
  • Awareness raising of diverse voices within the sport media and advocacy work being undertaken.
  • Increased critical awareness amongst sports organisations and community sports about who is represented within their media and wider coverage & where they may need to support greater levels of diversity.
  • Identify potential routes for advocacy/to lobby and create change in order to make Australia sports media coverage more diverse and inclusive

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Forum Panel


Sam Lane
Tracey Holmes
Tracey Holmes
Charlie King
Assmaah Helal
Assmaah Helal