Welcome to the Parents Guide to Clean Sport mini-course. If you are a parent of an aspiring young athlete then this mini-course will help you prepare your child for a life in sport. It will guide you in helping your child protect themselves against drug use.  

What you will learn from this mini-course?

At the conclusion of this mini-course you will

  • have a better understanding of the important role you play in teaching your children respect for and appreciation of the true spirit of sport, and
  • be able to inform your children about how to protect themselves in their sport career in relation to performance enhancing drugs and drug use.

A Parents Guide to Clean Sport

For young athletes, the pressure to train hard, compete and achieve at the highest level can lead them to think about taking dangerous shortcuts. Extreme dieting, excessive training, taking supplements, and doping are things that may tempt young athletes. As a parent or guardian of young athletes you have an important role to help your children achieve their sporting goals, while also teaching them respect for and appreciation of the true spirit of sport.

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