• Understanding complaint handling

    Understanding complaint handling

    In the perfect world there would never be any complaints and we wouldn't need to understand anything about complaint handling. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. Things can go wrong and people have a right to complain and have their concerns listened to and dealt with.

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  • Gambling on sport - is it a problem?

    Gambling on sport - is it a problem?

    It's happening more and more often - live betting odds being offered by online betting agencies in local sport leagues. It's happened in Canberra soccer football leagues and in Victorian gridiron competitions. Think it can’t happen to your sport or in your local area? Think again.

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  • So what’s the issue with blackface?

    So what’s the issue with blackface?

    A recent incident involving Australian women’s national basketball team player Alice Kunek posting a photo of herself with her face painted black for an end-of-season dress up party invoked public outrage and condemnation from many, including her team-mate Liz Cambage, whose father is Nigerian. Kunek apologised for her choice of a blackface costume at the Melbourne Boomers party, saying she didn't intend to offend anyone.

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  • Examples of great sportsmanship

    Examples of great sportsmanship

    The Olympic and Paralympic Games have certainly produced some amazing performances over the years, but here at Play by the Rules we’re more interested in those moments of great sportsmanship that typify what the games are all about . . . the triumph of the human spirit.

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  • Coaching kids - making it mixed, fun and fair

    Coaching kids - making it mixed, fun and fair

    Junior sport should be all about fun, but it also offers a host of other opportunities for children to gain social skills, build self esteem, learn about fair play, meet people from different social and cultural backgrounds, and develop physical skills.

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